What’s in a Name?

What is the origin of Zephyros, Inc.’s name?
The word zephyros (pronounced: \’ze-fər-oss\), in Greek (Ζέφυρος), means “west wind,” a gentle breeze that promotes growth, just like our services promote growth for your business. The word and its various connotations, is meaningful to the Zephyros team on several levels. First of all, Zephyros founding partner and native Greek-speaker Charalambos Marangos, is a Greek Cypriot, who, although born and raised on the other side of the globe, gained the vast majority of his professional education and experience in the west. The company name is Charalambos’ way of both recognizing where he came from (a westerly wind blew him this way on the wings of Fulbright) and how that’s shaped who he is and acknowledging all that he has gleaned from the places he’s stopped along the way. And, it’s the name of the street Charalambos lived on as a kid in Famagusta (William Shakespeare’s Othello castle is there) in Cyprus prior to the sadness of 1974.