Zephyros, Inc., has been in business since 2003.
Our consultants are PhD or Masters graduates with US and EU professional experience in their respective fields. We are a group of highly skilled, hard working professionals who provide value to our customers by enabling existing or novel technology to positively impact the bottom line.
Whether the client requires a new database, a modified one, or a new algorithm for minimizing processing downtime, we’ve successfully done that. Please browse through our site pages to see example projects from all kinds of past business clients, from manufacturing, to utilities, to printing, to healthcare, just to name a few.
We use cross-functional teams to address specific tasks as needed.
We have access to a pool of dozens of young consultants and experience mentors that can see projects from inception to completion, and if needed, to continued maintenance.
Indeed, our strategic advantage comes from our ability to match the core competencies of our team to client requirements, providing precisely the level of support that a given engagement requires.
Please send us an email if you would like to connect with us.
Our Facebook page is facebook.com/zephyros.inc