Charalambos Marangos heads up the technology side of the company, where he leads teams of Ph.D. or master’s graduates with international experience in their respective fields. These highly skilled, hard-working professionals provide value to our customers by enabling existing or novel technology to positively impact the bottom line.

Whether the client requires a new database, a modified one, or a new algorithm for minimizing processing downtime, we’ve successfully done that. Please browse through our site to see example projects from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, utilities, printing, and healthcare, just to name a few.


Jennifer Marangos runs the marketing communications branch of Zephyros, Inc. drawing on decades of experience as a professional journalist to help people and organizations to tell their stories across a spectrum of communication platforms. From planning a mix of marketing communications programs that will achieve your goals and fit your budget, to the actual execution of those programs, we can help.

Whether the client needs a new website design, an integrated public relations campaign or social media management, we’ve successfully done that. Please visit the links below to explore some of our past work.